SACS Mission Statement

Preparing today’s learners for tomorrow’s opportunities

Vision: SACS will be nationally recognized as a provider of an excellent 21st century education


  • Parents are the first and essential teachers of their children.
  • SACS is the hub of a diverse community and serves:
    • as professional educators, providing consultation and partnership with SACS parents;
    • as more experienced co-learners, providing wisdom and guidance for our students;
    • and as an educational workplace of choice, providing support and opportunities for our employees.
  • A culture of learning embraces change, flexibility and innovation.
  • Learners will experience the joy of learning and working in a safe and secure educational environment.
  • Learning encompasses critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, citizenship, digital literacy, perseverance and resiliency.

Outcomes: Our Graduates

  • think critically,
  • think creatively,
  • effectively communicate their ideas,
  • effectively collaborate with others,
  • are responsible citizens,
  • are digitally literate,
  • are resilient problem solvers,
  • and compete globally.

Goals: In order to build upon a history of successful academic achievement in every school and in every classroom, SACS will:

  • implement its own district learner accountability measures for its graduate outcomes,
  • motivate by providing a learner-centered environment accessible to all,
  •  recruit and retain valuable employees,
  • broaden our partnership with parents,
  • and develop district branding that invites partnerships:
    • to increase awareness and involvement;
    • to create educational opportunities;
    • and to identify new funding sources.