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  • HOW do I set up a PlayPosit Bulb linked to Canvas?

    Posted by James Kowalski at 2/24/2017 7:00:00 AM

    Here is a great UPDATED GUIDE which will walk you through the process of linking a PlayPosit bulb to a Canvas assignment.

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  • HOW do I use CK-12 in Canvas

    Posted by Chrissy Ellert at 2/8/2017

    Thanks to HHS Assistant Principal Susan Summers for putting together this great HOW to guide for getting your CK-12 content into your Canvas course.

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  • HOW do I help my students add a printer

    Posted by Chrissy Ellert at 10/24/2016

    Check out THIS DOCUMENT to see HOW you can help your students add a printer.

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  • HOW do I fix audio issues when recording in Canvas

    Posted by James Kowalski at 10/21/2016 9:00:00 AM

    Follow the steps on THIS DOCUMENT to fix the audio when recording in Canvas.

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  • HOW do I start learning the basics of Twitter?

    Posted by James Kowalski at 9/21/2016

    Check out this short TWITTER PRESENTATION for Twitter basics, resources, and guides that will help you get going with using Twitter in the classroom and beyond!

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  • HOW to guides and resources for the new computers

    Posted by James Kowalski at 8/26/2016

    Check out this folder full of help guides and resources designed to help with the new computers! 


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  • HOW do I set up my Microsoft OneDrive for School?

    Posted by James Kowalski at 8/18/2016

    For step-by-step instruction on setting up your OneDrive, Setting up OneDrive

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  • HOW can I remove the 10pt space between paragraphs in Word 2016?

    Posted by James Kowalski at 8/16/2016

    Click here for screen shots to learn how to remove those pesky spaces, or watch the following video: 



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  • HOW do I learn about PowerPoint Mix?

    Posted by James Kowalski at 8/16/2016

    What is PowerPoint Mix? One word: Awesome!


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  • HOW do I prepare for my new laptop?

    Posted by Chrissy Ellert at 5/25/2016

    You maybe wondering how you will get all of your files, bookmarks, etc from your old computer to your new computer. Please see the instructions we've prepared to help you with this. When the time comes to exchange your laptop need to have this done prior to coming to the exchange session. More information will be coming on those exchange sessions once the laptops are in. 


    HOW to backup files

    HOW to save internet bookmarks

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